Thursday, September 18, 2014

13 for 13?

You guys, this is bad. I barely remember my blogger password.  Ok, not officially continuing the monthly kid updates but lets see if I can squeeze out 13 facts for this 13 month old. Someday I may blog about something non-kid related. Believe me, the thoughts are floating around in my head, I just haven't reigned them in yet.

1. Thinks getting a baby carrot from the fridge is the greatest treat ever. Related: Seeing the fridge opened, period, is the greatest thing ever.
2. Claps excitedly when you ask if he wants to sing Patty Cake.
3. Is (mostly) a pro at signing "please" but at the expense of all his other signs, which now he doesn't use. Why do people use this again?
4. Likes the box his birthday slide came in more than the actual slide.
5. Has been fighting 2 naps a day this week and I hope this is just a phase, he was sleeping wonderfully before this!
6. Eats like a fiend. Tons of food. I think he gets out of the high chair out of boredom, not due to being full, because he will continue to snack on whatever he can find when he gets down.
7. Loves to scare people by popping out of the shoe closet.
8. Still is obsessed with nursing and doesn't really like cows milk despite multiple attempts per day.
9.  Really likes Elmo songs, because we basically copy all of Anna's best kid entertainment tricks.  He thinks that after he wakes up from his second nap, he gets to take all day nursing, then pull my phone OUT OF MY POCKET! and get to watch 1-3 Elmo songs. He is usually right. Because he is so cute when he says "please."
10. Helped me put the silverware away today. And by "helping" I mean, helped me go a lot faster because he kept trying to load silverware into the basket.
11. Likes to play under the kitchen table in his "fort." Dinner making for the win!
12. No longer likes to look and smile at me when I have the camera out. Usually ignores me. Cue drastically fewer adorable photos. Sad.
13. Just cut his 6th tooth. He likes to take his time with these such things.

Wow...still severely lacking in the picture uploading department. Here are a couple...

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anna said...

He's sooo cute! I love that last picture. And ELMO! Seriously, Elmo is every baby's bff I think. :) 13 months is when Jack weened himself but he ADORES cows milk sooo...apparently the cows do it better then his mama haha!