Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Wow guys, I have a one year old! And wow, no blogging in a month! And confession, I only finally took the 11 month pictures last week (hopefully 12 month will be soon!)

But to be fair, we have been SO crazy busy. Since June 1 we have had 3 road trips to NorCal (one including Lake Tahoe), 2 plane trips to Colorado and Rhode Island, one family camp trip, 3 trips to the doctor, and one face painting (July 4th). Ok so the last one wasn't that hard to do. :)  Oh also one weekend away for Zach and one night away on a different weekend for me.

Anyhow, John has done great with all the travels and we are most definitely looking forward to not going anywhere for at least a couple weekends and no overnights for a while. John sleeps horribly in the Pack and Play so nights away are long.

So what has our one year old been up to?  Well, he met his youngest cousin in Rhode Island along with many other Aunts, Uncles, and cousins. We had a great trip. Adorable photo overload waiting in the wings. I mean, go look at the video on instagram or facebook instead. Done! He got an ice cream cone there as a treat (miniature) and was a total champ on all the flights.  He took his first steps in beautiful Lake Tahoe, even after a long day of playing at the beach, paddle boarding (ok, he just sat there), and swimming.  He got a chocolate cake a couple days later with Birthday Celebration #1.  I managed to make a cake (mix) but didn't get around to making whipped cream frosting so I used some from a can. Bad idea. That stuff stuck to him like glue! And he didn't eat any of the cake and only licked a tiny bit of frosting, despite how crazy messy he got. I gave him raspberries afterwards and he FAR preferred those.  The next day he got Birthday Celebration #2 with a cupcake which wasn't nearly as messy, but still not that interested. (Yay! No major sweet tooth!). Today is Birthday Celebration #3 and I hope to be the last one! Details on that after it happens.  He also went to church family camp where we stayed in a cabin, not a tent, since we don't have a large enough tent. He enjoyed the sand pile, swimming pool, pushing around all the bikes, playing in his wagon, and was a total trooper despite having a fever half the time.

In terms of activities, he has been talking more, especially since the ear infection cleared up. He also cheers for himself when he does something we normally cheer for. Like breaking apart his velcro food. (you "cut" the carrot in half.) So I made him another velcro toy, glued velcro strips to a toy cookie sheet and the other half of the velcro on various excess toys. Its a hit. It cost all of maybe $.99 for the glue on sale many moons ago. Why did I buy him a birthday present exactly??? He is pretty good about climbing down from things "backwards" (emphasis on me screaming it loudly to get the point across when I'm not in arms reach).  He can destroy the kitchen in a flash.  He had my phone on instagram the other day and I swear he was using his thumb to try and swipe up. (Not cool, lol.) But he does see me using it that way when we look at selfies and when I'm getting the ipad ready for one of his games.  Crazy learner!  He is still enjoying reading books, some weeks a lot more than others.

Ok...onto the pictures. Oh no, guys. Major fail. I haven't uploaded what I thought I uploaded! Ok, here is one for now. More soon. And maybe a post commemorating my first year as a mom. Because that is also a pretty major milestone, and totally different than this milestone.

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jess said...

I just clicked on picture and Keean looked at John, got this huge smile on his face and shrieked in excitement. He misses his cousin!