Monday, July 21, 2014

11 months and such

Hiya! Wow, a lot has happened in the last month!  Since I can't seem to remember enough to get it onto my baby calendar (for future scrapbooking - ha!) I better post a bunch of it here.

Gets up on knees and claps, and is very  happy about it.
Prefers to try and walk before crawling instead. (Big change from last month. He can't actually walk, but instead of dropping to an immediate crawl, he will try to take a step first, or see how far he can cruise before he has to crawl.)
Pushes around cars and trains. I think this actually started in June but it is more consistent now, and he can crawl (quickly) pushing the car.
Can stand up without pulling himself up, and stay standing a several seconds.
Talking a lot more, still Ga Ga and Da Da mostly. Made some other sounds, TSSS, KKKK, but after 2 days decided not to share those ones anymore.
Still loves laughing.
Reads his books to himself now. (LOVE IT! SO CUTE! PLAYS BY HIMSELF!)
Still hates baby jails or being left alone.
Sleeps through the night! Woo Hoo! 7-7ish in general.
Moved up to a big boy carseat (still rear facing) in hopes driving with him would not be so miserable. (Not entirely successful, but partially so.)
Spent his 11 month birthday very sick, cuddling on me for literally hours (that has never happened except when he was an itty, bitty baby!)
4th tooth.
19ish pounds I think, if our home scale is accurate. Wearing 9m clothes but since our 9m onesies are a weird brand and fit more like 6m (oops) I am breaking out the 12m too.

And now onto some pictures.
Um hey buddy, thats mama's baking stuff. Not cool. (Now babyproofed.)

Played with "potato flake" dough. Thought it felt icky.

Progresses to trying to put the objects through the shape sorter. This continues to be an amazing toy. We have to move his hand to which hole the piece should go, but he is very interested in getting it in correctly. 

Helping with laundry. Loves to "help" with laundry. Sometimes "helping" is defined as "ruining every folded pile."

We visited some friends and introduced baby G to blanket rides. John kept falling off.

Master the snack catcher cup in the past month. Yay! Yes, we have a pink one. Oh well.

First 4th of July - got his face painted. "Whatever you can do the fastest," I requested. Wish I had asked for a rocket on his cheek instead.  He seemed to do OK getting painted.

Sickie boy cuddles, watching Baby Genius, and later he tolerated Say Yes To The Dress! Sick indeed! Get better soon buddy, we are going to visit some family tomorrow!  (we have a house sitter so don't try to rob us.)

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