Wednesday, June 25, 2014

10 Months

Wow, we are so close to the one year mark! Crazy. I don't have my 10 month pictures done yet, things have been quite the blur.  What is new at this stage? Hm. One thing I LOVE is that John "plays cars." He will push around a car (or train...or computer mouse) like a car the way that we do when we show him how to play with it. SO CUTE.  And tonight on the way home from church he was trying to whistle. I'm definitely going to need to get a video of that.  He would make noise some of the time along with the whistle face.  

Here is what I resorted to  one morning when I REALLY needed a shower. Baby Genius (netflix) in the bathroom. Klassy.
 Office shenanigans - he plays in my office often during the day (supervised by Zach) but I do take pictures when I can. Here is is pushing that cart all through the house. (Zach has to steer it.)
 Another day he helped himself to the office supply drawer. Thanks for reminding me where my pens are, buddy!
 Most of the time he sits here and plays with this Infantino shape sorter castle and those stacking/nested cups in the background.  This castle = amazing. He plays with it so much!!!  He can't get the shapes through their right section yet so he mostly enjoys taking them all out of the castle and clapping them together. There are also 3-4 people that sit on the top of the castle he likes to gnaw on.
 On a recent trip to my Grandma's house, I took a nap and came out later to John eating dog food.  At least 6 other adults in the house and none of them watching John. Oh well. Well worth the visit to see my Grandpa, who passed away the day after this visit.  He was such, such, such a special man who loved his family and loved reading this blog, and deserves more than just a sentence here which I will try to post soon. Miss you, Grandpa!
I'm not sure what John weighs these days, but tonight he felt like a total chunk and the scale hit 20 pounds. Just last week it was 17 and some change, so I don't know if it was a fluke or big growth spurt or the fact that he pigged out on dinner the last two nights. I just moved him up to 9 month clothes because I noticed his pants were starting to flood a bit.  

John is ALMOST sleeping through the night, still getting a dream feed but we are slowly reducing the quantity of that, working towards dropping that feed as well. He usually takes 2 solid naps a day, although the last week or two he has REALLY fought actually going to sleep. Painful on the ears, I tell ya! He has 3 teeth and is probably going to cut the fourth by tomorrow. I can see it through the gum.
That's about it. We have been really super busy and I am looking forward to a break. Which will last maybe 2 weeks and then turn super busy again. Sigh.

Question: Sports theme or Uno theme for first birthday? I spent $5 on clearance stuff and got napkins, cups, plates, and a banner - all sports. But then Zach suggested an Uno card onesie for his birthday shirt...which also has some great potential (and leads into a Draw Two theme next year! hah!) Thoughts?


Emily said...

haha! Grandparents are the best and then sometimes you're like "you had kids?!" I'm convinced we forget what the baby stage is like pretty quickly. John is a total dream boat.

anna said...

Oooh, the Uno theme is SUPER clever. I vote that! :) And yay for Apples and Bananas haha. There are many times that has been used to appease our child. Right now Jack is OB-sessed with Elmo. And the newer Elmo movies are actually funny. Way better then anything corny Barney did. Anyways he FREAKS when I let him watch it. So cute. And maybe the weight gain us from the dog food? ;)