Tuesday, June 10, 2014


I've been intending this post for a while but I keep forgetting what I actually like and don't like, so I'm going to try to hit the high points! I love posts like this from others because I am always getting ideas on great products.  Sorry I am not including pictures. I'll post a bunch of John at the end.

My Top 3 favorites for Feeding:
Reusable Feeding Pouches: I use these at home for faster feeding, and for drinking water.  John will eat anything out of a pouch, except that one awful oatmeal time.
THESE BIBS! Seriously. Bumkins. Machine washable and don't melt in the dryer like *ahem* some of our other ones did. Yes, we mostly just rinse them off for reuse. But sometimes they're just nasty and you don't want to deal with that. I think we have 4-5 plus 4 other bibs and they all seem to get used pretty regularly.
Travel Placemats: I first discovered these at  Chick-Fil-A where they give them out. Perfect for any unnamed child who likes chewing on and licking tabletops. Yes, you can wipe it down and no, I am not afraid of germs. Just lazy. And he likes them.

My top 3 favorites for newborn:
Amazon Prime. Because you aren't getting to Target in the next 3 days.  Ok, this one doesn't count.
Swaddle Sacks. We got ours at a kids consignment store. Sleeping perfection.
These books. We are still getting daily use out of these books (except the one I lost on a plane. sad.) Seriously John loves these!!!
Snap and Go Stroller.  We borrowed a Snap and Go and used it for the first 6 months, until John couldn't stand not seeing anything from his carseat anymore.  You can get them pretty cheap used, too.  This eliminated a need for a bulky stroller when we were already carrying around a bulky carseat. (did great through the airport too.) Then we moved right into Umbrella Stroller territory, even though John was a little too small.  We were eventually given a larger (normal?) stroller that IS nice - full recline, etc - but is too heavy to be carting in and out of the car. We use it on walks around the neighborhood.

Things I wish I knew back then:
1. There are more baby carriers than an Ergo. Ergo is great and simple, but it is not the only choice out there. Also, there is a sport Ergo that is a more lightweight fabric that I wish I had! If I were to have another Ergo, that is.
2.  Babies may be picky about bottles, but if you start them on one a day early, MOST babies probably won't be. So pick one that matches your breast pump so you can pump right in the bottle (if you aren't going to store in bags, which are so messy to pour one handed.) This eliminates one container to wash. Yay.
3. Reading about pregnancy during pregnancy is fine. But you should probably read a bit about parenting/babies because they're going to be a lot larger phase of your life. I didn't read any parenting/sleep/baby books until the 9th month (and only because someone told me.) Then I read BabyWise and thought it was the ONLY way a baby could sleep through the night...wrong. Anyhow there are LOADS of resources out there (Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child is good) and it would be wise to read a coupe and then make your own opinions!!!  Now I'm lucky if I remember to google which month it is in terms of developmental progress for John.

Onto the pictures as promised.

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