Friday, June 6, 2014

Another perspective.

I realize last week I posted mostly difficult parts of a day with John.  Just in case the internet still exists in 15 years and he googles this blog and hates me for that post, I want to try to redeem myself.

Yes, he is a total bundle of energy. But he is a happy bundle of energy. Lots of smiles. And lately a lot of funny faces too.

Oh and he loves seeing himself on my phone. Nothing cheers him up like a good selfie!  I've noticed diaper changes are a bit more manageable if I pay a little more attention to him before I start, and sing Twinkle Twinkle the whole time.  We had some company over and went out to eat twice and he was a gem at the restaurants (and mall) both times.  He is easy to please and loves to laugh. So there. Yes days are crazy. But a fun crazy, mostly.  And we are (dare I say it) on a decent routine with 2 naps a day and a 7pm bedtime.  He still eats at 10:30ish but we seem to have finally cut out the other middle of the night feed - yay! And there is a top tooth just days from showing!

Ok, I hope I've redeemed myself!


anna said...

Sometimes at the end of a day I only remember all the whining haha. Like the last two days...holy cow. Whinefest 2014. So we spent most of day 2 out and about and he was his normal self. Maybe he was bored. And your child does awesome faces. So cute. :)

jess said...

I think every parent understands where you're coming from. K has been driving us crazy because he was almost crawling and frustrated about it.