Thursday, June 5, 2014


Ok everyone. You have to try this new cookie recipe. I do love chocolate chip cookies. But I am a little bit of a snob about them - both Zach and I avoid store bought cookies.  It's actually a great diet - only eat sweets you make - haha.

Anyhow, someone on Pinterest posted "chewiest cookies ever" and I had to try. Until about a year ago, my cookies were frequently flat and a little more crispy than I would like. I discovered this link, and realized I was not generous enough with my flour.  So I upped my flour and got slightly taller, or at least not flat, cookies.  Now keep in mind, we aren't too picky about our cookies. If any actually make it to the baking stage, that is pretty decent. And if I overcook mine too much, I just toss an apple slice into the cookie jar and they soften right back up.  However, I do take the time if I'm baking for others to try and let the cookies chill overnight. According to the cookie baking geniuses, this is a valuable step. If you can stand the wait.

I digress.

So someone pinned "chewiest cookies ever" and I took the bait and discovered Sally.  These cookies really are amazing. But because you use melted butter, you have to take that "chill overnight" business seriously, and just eat dough when you make them. But it is worth it.  I've found these are super simple to make - I melt my butter in my 4 cup Pyrex and use that to mix my wet items. Then I prep the dry ingredients in my mixing bowl. Normally I don't take the time to do the dry ingredients thoroughly mixed together in advance and whatnot, but I do for this recipe since it doesn't cost me an extra dirty bowl.

I'm not going to be some crazy food blogger and tell you I "tweaked" the recipe and now call it my own. I changed nothing.  Except the baking part.  Sally suggests large scoops and shaping them into towers for the ultimate tall chewy cookie. I agree with this, but haven't really taken the time to do that.  My only modification is to chill the dough in a 1.5-2 inch tall rectangle shape (like the shape of store bought cookie dough.)  That way when the dough is cold the next day, you aren't trying to scoop it out of the bowl and shape it. I just cut the dough into rectangles and maybe ball them up a little bit.

And now onto the amazing droid photos. (Not.)
Fancy chopped chilled dough.

Final cookie. Tall(er) for once!
So that's it...try it and tell me if you like it!  Or - what is your favorite go-to recipe?
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