Sunday, May 7, 2017

Elsie at 1, 2, and 3 months

I wrote down individual posts for Elsie's monthly milestones, but, somehow my notes were lost. (Sorry, #thirdkid.)  Combined with blogger making it difficult to upload pics (I will try to link some later) this post will be a bit drab. But I do want to document Elsie's milestones to save my memory, so, here we go!

1 month - We had a rough first month with nursing. But by the end, we're doing pretty well and despite exclusive bottles most of the first week, she still nurses wonderfuly! Also loves her pacifier. Elsie has great head strength and is adored by her brother and sister.
2 months - Sleeping much longer at night. Like 11-7 with only 1 wakeup. Smiling, especially at her sibilings.
3 Months - batting toys, laughing, rolled over once or twice from tummy to back. Plays really well by herself in her bouncy seat, swing, or other plethora of baby toys scattered across the house. She is a super good baby. (Each one gets easier!)

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