Sunday, May 7, 2017

Isabelle is 2 years old!

Isabelle just celebrated her 2nd birthday. She is a SPITFIRE. She cracks us up.  Her current antics include:
  Claiming she's "just pretending" when she gets reprimanded for something she shouldn't be doing.
  Saying, "What's that mean" instead of "what is that" when she is asking questions.
  Exclaiming, "This is my favorite!" about all sorts of things.
  Obsessed with her black mary jane shoes, her new birthday shoes, Mickey, and copying John.

She can sing a large portion of the ABC's, count semi-reliably to 20, loves to sing songs, dance, do puzzles, read, color, snuggle, play legos, and play with her plush kitties. She's a great eater (both in food choices and in feeding control...compared to John at the same age when he still painted himself with yogurt.)

Her birthday party was a small party hosted at Chick Fil A with a few families, Mickey themed, and she had a great time!

Love you Izzy!

Stats - 23 lb, 32 inches

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