Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Scotland, the 5 minute version

I did not title this post the "5 minute" version because there are only a few pictures. I chose this title because in my 6 day work trip there was abotu 5 minutes of "sight seeing". In no particular order, because that is how blogger organizes my uploads:

Balbirnie Hotel near Glenrothes, Scotland -- a walk around the grounds (which is also a golf course)
View from my window. I.E. opening my window, standing on the desk, and holding the camera out the window.

Third floor hotel room (thats the top floor folks! Hope your bag isn't too heavy to carry up yourself!) Now you can see why I had to put my camera out the window for a view. Because the rest of my tiny window view was all roof.

Possibly the coolest thing in my hotel room, EVER -- a trouser press. Sadly, I didn't try it out.

Inital view from the airport when I landed. Loved the yellow meadows. So lush over there!

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Melissa said...

I, too, hate the way blogger organizes (or doesn't) my photos. Hard to edit. I'm probably gonna give up blogging after Kassidy turns 1 as this is essentially her baby book. BTW--still have your wedding gift in my guest room! Ever in Sac?