Saturday, December 15, 2012

Being Prepared

Hurricane (Superstorm?) Sandy reminded me that Nature is a pretty serious business.  Living right on a fault line, I decided it would be good for Zach and I to have some emergency provisions available.  This can actually be quite expensive to do, so I scaled back a little bit to start and we can build from there.  While I was at it, I also put together a few extra kits for gifts.

Growing up my Dad had a big barrel in the backyard (when we lived in a different earthquake territory) and also took some precautions regarding safety/emergency procedures...although I don't quite remember the rest of them anymore.

Most of these items were purchased from Emergency Essentials, although the mylar blankets were from Amazon and the socks were from Kohls.  You can find better prices on some items depending on how well you shop, but for me the prices were good and it was convenient to get everything delivered at once.

Here is what went into my "car emergency kits."  I think this would be great to have in the car in case of emergency (at least at home you can scrounge around for things) and in the event that disaster strikes when you are AT home - its likely you can run out to the car and get this.
Contents include: Basic first aid, including gloves, instant ice pack, ace bandage, burn gel, and the usuals.
Socks.  Why not?
Duck Tape, multi-use knife, and waterproof matches. Trifecta of awesomeness! (Note: I didn't put the knife in all kits, i.e. knowing I already have a leatherman in my car, to suit your needs)
LED flashlight. Zach and I argued on whether or not the batteries should be included. I thought, if it is dark - you sure don't want to be fumbling to install the batteries. But, they die faster installed...I opted for installing with a disclaimer that the recipients check the batteries annually. What do you think is best?
Safety Whistle - does a bunch of things - has a mirror for signaling, holds waterproof matches, has a flint, and if you need to make a loud noise to identify your've got it!
Emergency food bars. I hope these taste ok! I guess if you are hungry, it won't matter.
Mylar blanket and hand warmers. I added extra hand warmers to recipients in colder areas.
Water packets.

Close up of the whistle with all its functions.

Lastly, I packaged these in plastic shoeboxes I hope won't be too in the way in a vehicle or under a seat.

We are also working on a larger one for home - although I'm leaning towards putting that in an extra duffle bag so if we have to run for it, we can grab and go.

Are you doing anything at home to be prepared for an emergency?

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