Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The time I tricked him twice with the same gift

So...I love to wrap gifts in disguises.  Or not disguises. I love to wrap gifts, especially Christmas ones, in clever ways. I've gone money frozen in ice ("cold hard cash"), multiple items submerged in jello, and countless items boxed in boxes that don't represent what is on the inside. (I may have a few of those under the tree already for this year, also!)

But this is the first year I've duped anyone twice with one gift.  I was planning to get Zach Halo 4 for XBOX for Christmas, since it is a video game we like to play together. On black friday, I got an especially nice deal on Amazon but while showing Zach my checkout-cart to ask about another item, I accidentally showed him that he was getting Halo, before I screamed and covered up that part of the screen.  I was so disappointed for giving away knowledge of what he was going to get.

When the gift came, I wrapped it in my special way and put it under the tree.

On Sunday, I read on my phone that the same gift was on sale again at Amazon, again for a very good price (equivalent of my black friday price.) I mentioned it to Zach that he should buy it...a conversation had in the dark, in our bed, when I was trying to be clever and joking around (thinking that he remembered I bought it for him already) and when he couldn't see the look on my face trying to hide the joke.

Oops.  Monday night he informed me, "I got my game!" "WHAT???!! You did what? Are you serious?" No really - he bought the game.  I reminded him that he already knew I was getting it for him. Oopsies. "I forgot!" - he tells me. I can believe that...we only need one person in the family obsessing over gift giving.

So knowing I've wrapped his gift up already (and he is ready to play his game) I don't really want him to play his newly purchased copy...I want him to open my surprise gift! So I get that gift from the tree. Its not labelled except a Z on the front.  "This big gift is my game?" he asks cautiously.  "Yep!" Big smiles from the wife department....until he opens...sun shades for his car (here)

The game was behind the sun shades. Zach looks at me, unaware. "This is my game?" I put on a confused look. "Well...I thought that one was your game...oopsies...why don't you at least look at the shades to make sure they are the right size?"  Zach catches on...(You can only live with a person so long before expecting to become a victim of their obsessive tendencies in regards to gift wrapping.)  He finds his game. He is happy. "You tricked me TWICE with the same game!!!!" he exclaims.  Lots of laughter ensues.

A happy gift giver. :)


jess said...

That's better than Todd's aunt, who when they were kids tricked her little brother by telling him she'd gotten him the toy he wanted and instead he opened it to find... poop in a box. Yep, she pooed. In a box. And gave it to her poor little brother. More crazy Todd's family stories await when you come to visit!!! To make up for the kids not being here. :(

Emily said...

Your nerd is showing. You play Halo?! How did I not know that about you. I still love you.

Christy said...

Emily - LOL. By "playing" I mean, I can run around (usually) and do some shooting. Its a fun activity for us together but Zach pretty much carries me through the levels! I like the Lego video games better.

Jess -eeewwww