Wednesday, August 14, 2013

1 cm and projects?

I'm dialated 1 cm and am 39 weeks tomorrow. I know 1 cm means nothing on the grand scale, so I'm not getting too excited about it. Although last week was zero, so, I do like progress!!! I Also had some cramping today, but my Doc said (convenient I had an appointment today) if I was only calling it "cramping" then it's not labor. I agree!  I'm trying to hold off as long as I possibly can with calling something "painful" so that maybe I can trick myself as long as possible into thinking the pain isn't so bad when I'm in real labor.  Right now I'm happy to use the term "uncomfortable" with my general state of being and frequent back aches, side pains, etc.  yesterday I spent a couple hours in the pool and that felt amazing...not to mention I am getting tan! I didn't know you could tan while underwater. You can. 

Over the weekend I almost finished the nursery decorations, which consists of glueing baby shower cards to foam and paper. Originally I envisioned framing them...then mounting on fabric...but I hit a point where going to the store wasn't in the cards and I just wanted to be done.  I can always upgrade these later.  I also have some banners and other shower decorations I am going to hang also.  When I get the energy to massively clean my entire house, mop the floors, etc.  why isn't Zach helping? Oh, he's working. In some sets all day...for 9 out of 10 days straight. He did take my birthday off yesterday though so that was nice! But birthdays are not chore days.

So, I could risk avoids all chores until his work is done, but then what will I do all day long while I wait? Tomorrow is my last day of work and it has been SO nice already cutting back on my hours as it is.  I could easily not work!!! If inky that earned us medical benefits though...oh well! 

Monday I drafted a super whiny and complaining blog post, you are welcome for me deleting it! I was just tired. I had labor dreams which, if you are wondering, even if you are sleeping to have said dream, it is not a restful sleep! Then every time I would wake up, I would be hyper aware of the dream and try to figure out if I really was in labor.  Not restful!!!

Ok, so, onto the pictures from the nursery. I will try to get a belly pic up by Friday.


jess said...

Cute decor!!!

Emily said...

Yay for 1 cm! I never dilated with Maia. At all. Don't worry about the chores. Resting is more important now, you can always clean later. Or enlist family to do it when they visit.