Thursday, August 8, 2013


Chocolate chip pop tarts.
Chocolate pudding.
Andes mints.
Chocolate sno-caps.
Chocolate skinny cow candy bars.
Mocha drink.

Those were all just purchased at our most recent shopping trip. Not to mention we already have a box of cocoa pebbles waiting to be devoured. What can I say...chocolate makes some things more tolerable. Like work stress. And filing for medical leave.

Luckily, it's not hitting my hips and butt all just yet. Here's the 38 week pic!  There is a 20% chance I could deliver this week. A girl can hope, right? Although as my friend Emily pointed out, he is a whole heck of a lot easier to take care of right now in his current I need to enjoy what I have left!

Off to the pool tomorrow to give my puffy foot a circulation break!


Emily said...

Look at that torpedo belly! Don't you love it when the belly gets big enough to make your boobs look small? Not that you have big boobs, it's just that you're getting close! Yay for baby!

jess said...

You look adorable, all belly! And let me get this straight... you have one puffy foot? Just one?