Monday, August 5, 2013

Moses Basket!!!

Well, I have to say...Zach and I have been blessed beyond belief by friends and family during this pregnancy. This past weekend, I received a fun Safari themed shower with family. I'm excited to reuse some of the decor in the nursery, as I've planned with other shower decor and various baby shower cards (if I finish that project re-baby.)

One of the things we got was my cousin's Moses basket. It was last outfitted for a girl, but 1 amazon bassinet sheet and a night of sewing later and we are boy-ready.  I should have taken a close up if the fabric because it is really adorable...just click on the pic to zoom in, ok? 

I'm excited to be able to use this.  17 days now until my due date! Today we bought half of Costco, because, you know if we ran out of toilet paper when the baby is 4 weeks old, there would be no possible way to get any more...or at least I just wanted to avoid that potential problem. But yeah. TP, paper towels, kleenex, dish soap, laundry name it, we stocked up. Kind of ridiculous really. But we should be set for the rest of the year in some if those things,'s done.

I think the baby might have dropped today because I've peed 3 times in as many hours and usually I can last a little longer than that. I have an appointment tomorrow so maybe the Doc will clue me in.

That's pretty much all I have to say...I'm planning a marathon enchilada making session this week for freezer meals...looking forward to the fruits of that labor!!!


Emily said...

It's getting close to baby time! I love that Moses basket, how beautiful!

jess said...

Ah ha! My new reader hasn't been letting me comment but I just figured out how. I miss Google reader. :(

Nice pun- btw- fruits of the labor- haha. I like the Moses basket!!!