Monday, May 27, 2013

Failed sewing projects: Toys made out of socks

So I got this "Sock Appeal" book with how to make a bunch of different animals out of socks. Since I LOVE socks, especially striped ones, especially knee socks, I knew I had to try this. The book had bunnies and various animals, but several sea creatures. I got the crazy idea of making our son a batch of sea creatures out of soft socks that could be fun and colorful play toys.

Here comes a starfish. Note: Washable markers are not suitable for laying out your sewing pattern.  Proper fabric pens have been since purchased!!  Also, I was using clearance Target socks (this one is out of 2 ankle socks.) Some of the insides of their socks are very stringy (i.e. cheap) on the design parts -- this was hard to deal with. Later I used some different socks that were better made and they sewed much better. Choose your socks accordingly!

My very first attempt: a sock fish. Note: I didn't close his mouth yet.

Higher quality sock I wanted to use as a bunny.
 Here is what I ended up with...and I havent' been back to fix these yet. 1) Blue bunny out of the cheapy kind of sock with "stuffed" ears. It looks weird. Next up, softer bunny with no stuffing in the ears, so they are floppy...still, the stuffing looks weird (maybe it needs a face and body to look normal? I still have a second sock for each of these for arms and legs.  3) Ugliest starfish in the entire world. Seriously. Not bad for a first try though. I sewed some bells into the middle, so it jingles for extra fun. 4) My fish.
I'm not sure when I'll be interested in trying this all again (after spending $10 on clearance socks of course) but right now all the sewing stuff is put away in favor of getting at least half the nursery ready before I make a giant mess again.  So, we'll see...


jess said...

Those are awesome!! Little J won't know what a starfish looks like anyway. He'll just think his mom makes awesome toys for him to chew on. This baby is going to want to go live with Auntie Christy. :)

anna said...

That awesome! I am finally ALMOST done with my quilt. I only have like 2 1/2 weeks left. :) I like to wait until the last minute apparently. I love baby crafts...even if they don't always turn out. And I totally like the starfish by the way. :)

Emily said...

I don't think these are failed at all! I love them, especially the starfish. With bells on it, little George is going to love them. (Like that name? haha)