Monday, May 20, 2013

Snippet of my personal journal/weblog (21 weeks)

Dear Baby Boy (Yuzu [Utero name] / Johnny),

You love music. I'm listening to a worship mix on Pandora right now and you are just kicking away! Its also your kicking hour...but you kick a lot at church during singing and also when your Dad and I were watching music I think you like it. You didn't seem to appreciate my guitar playing the other day though, so what is with that?? Hm...

Speaking of kicking, sometimes I get nervous when I haven't felt you moving in a while. I may or may not encourage your Dad to scare you with a loud belly raspberry or claps. He usually obliges, but you don't get startled. :/ Sometimes you kick a little later though, just to let me know you are OK. Thanks for that. You mostly kick me right in the middle of my tummy, around the belly button, so I wonder where you really are in my tummy. Maybe the doctor will tell me tomorrow!

We've started a workout regime, so far worked out 2 whole times but hopefully there will be more of that to come. I want to you have a healthy labor and I want to have a quick recovery so I can focus on taking care of YOU!

Love you lots


Emily said...

how does it feel to write "mom"? :)

Christy said...