Thursday, May 16, 2013

Journal Snippet (From a private weblog) December 12, 2013 "A second faint pink line."

Today, as all days leading up to my period, I obsessed about every stomach ache, twinge, and abnormal thought. And like most days around this time, I was too impatient to wait until tomorrow morning's concentrated urine sample (the most successful time to test). Just yesterday morning I had a flat-out negative. That was December 11th. Since all bodies vary, yesterday was probably FAR too early to test. But I had one last amazon (cheap) pregnancy test and I took it. Negative.

Today I didn't test in the morning, convinced that after using my last cheapie test yesterday I could wait until at least the weekend. Yeah, I made it to about 4pm when I looked around my stash for some middle-priced (with rebate and coupons) First Response tests that I purchased last month (when I may or may not have asked my husband to confiscate my cheapie tests because I was using them too quickly. Rember I'm obsessive?)

(So I took the test...these only take 2 minutes to return the results. Sweet. At first I quickly saw the dark pink control line. I began my usual talk to myself, "See?! You always test too soon! $4 wasted!"...until another line appeared! ANOTHER LINE APPEARED!!! What?? Could this be? Blink. Blink. Another line??? Yes, a faint line. A line that got a little darker as some more time went by. Hm. Faint lines with ovulation mean negative. Test says 2 lines = positive. Is this positive or not?

Begin imemdiate web searches. Result: Faint line does mean pregnant!

Wow. This is EARLY! 3 weeks, 3 days (if you count from LMP.) Way early. Wowser early. And I've taken scores of other pregnancy tests this early with no false positives. (Amazon packs are SO cheap!) So, I was actually hoping this time around that if I tested positive early - right away almost - that it means the pregnancy would stick this time.

So now, instead of obsessing each day about if I am pregnant or not, I will switch to wondering if I will stay pregnant or not. Personally, a slightly more exciting concept than the latter.

And...kinda nervous about the end result!! Wowser!!!
(Note: This picture is from when I took a "Am I still pregnant, is this true?" test a week or so later - hence the much darker line in this picture)


Emily said...

Isn't it amazing how this journey into motherhood begins? I am daily reminded by my two offspring that I am not in control, and I am so grateful for that. And I'm so grateful you're sharing your journey with us! Hugs to you.

jess said...