Monday, May 6, 2013

Why aren't these tutorials out there?

I've had some creative ideas lately and I'm wondering why these tutorials aren't more prominent online.

1) Slow cooker shrimp meals.  Ok, so shrimp cooks in 4 minutes and there are SOME recipes out there...

2) DIY Q-tips / homemade q-tips tutorial. C'mon...there's already cloth toilet paper...

3) How to recycle your re-usable grocery bags into something else useful...still waiting for this one.  Planter? placemats? Clutch purse?

4) DIY Lint roller.  (Yeah..I know...reverse tape roll. But hey, like I said there is cloth toilet paper out there..)

5) Recycled Scissors and Knives: Picture Frame tutorial.  Can't you just see that one? Probably too dangerous. Seriously though, how else do you recycle your scissors that got ruined because you insisted on cutting wire and pipe cleaners with them?  C'mon recyclers! There must be something.

Anyone have any ideas for me?

Some bump pics coming soon. I can't get my phone to upload them so I have to hook it up to my computer - so old fashioned!


jess said...

Recycling scissors sounds potentially dangerous. And... there's cloth toilet paper??? Otherwise I got nothin'.

Emily said...

you cray cray. those pregnancy hormones are getting to you. :) Just kidding, I see a niche for you to fill!