Friday, June 7, 2013

Homemade Onesies (Pinterest style!)

Last weekend I was SHOWERED with lots of love at a baby shower.  Lo and behond - instead of a game...we had a craft. (Be still, my heart!) The craft was to make a onesie. I've seen this idea around and always considered it a huge amount of work and would be unlikely to tackle this myself for an activity unless I had a lot of time and resources. (Or its a shower for 3 attendees named Christy, Emily, and Erin!)  I'm still in awe of the shower and this activity and so thankful to the gals that made it all happen.

This was a BLAST. The hostess got a variety of onesies from sizes 3 to 18 months, which is useful so I didn't end up with 17 size 6m shirts.  She also pre-washed the onesies and some random fabric, brought stencils and iron-on paper...the works!

This first onesie cracks me up the most. (Although I love them ALL!)  The author (creator?) of this one called me a "Pinterest Mom."  I'll have to photograph our baby in this one along with some other pinterest projects at the same time. :)
 Here are some of the others. As you can see - so much cuteness going on!
 Here are some more - I thought the "Daddy's Assistant" one was so clever! A friend free-handed that one, so I am very impressed. Thats in one of the bigger sizes so baby boy will DEFINITELY rock that at one of Daddy's film shoots!  (The one that looks like a women's boot says "I love RI" (Rhode Island))
 And here are the last ones!  So much creativity and variety!
Thank you to the girls who made these and made it all possible!

Technical notes: I can't remember the iron-on transfer type that was used, but it specifically said NOT to stich over the designs (post ironing). I'm going to wash some of the smaller ones to see (after re-ironing just to make sure) if there are any issues and then consider stitching the larger designs that might be more prone to peeling.  All fabrics were washed/pre-shrunk. Hope that covers it...

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Emily said...

Oh my. You have got some crafty friends! Those look amazing! I've never had much success with my onsies looking very professional, but these are soooo cute!