Thursday, June 13, 2013

This and that - 29 Weeks

Sorry for all the baby posts. Since the nursery is in "transition" I have all my crafts put away, so new new posts in that department. (Although I'm drooling over a few ideas I hope to make happen before August...we'll see.)  And I haven't been too interested in food (or home to make it - work travels) so no new recipes. I'll work on that.

Here I am at 29 weeks with a "large cabbage" aka approximate size of baby. Then I re-read my baby tracker and realized this week was "butternut squash" and NEXT week (June 14, 7 days after this pic was taken) is "large cabbage" sized.  Now that my belly is finally bigger than my boobs and this guy spends evenings using me as a drum set, the reality of pregnancy (and future baby) has really set in. No really, I was worried that the baby was on the small size, but my doctor assured me, "You are measuring right on target. You just look small because your boobs grew so much." Great.
The weird thing is, when Zach and I talked about starting our family, it kind of went like this, "Of course we want kids, but how soon? Now? Later? Now? Ok." Then there was a complete refocus on pregnancy. Getting pregnant, staying pregnant, baby growth, etc.  Now I'm realizing (duh) that this act of "getting pregnant" is actually going to yield a birth (ouch) and a slew of new parent responsibilities, etc, and oh, by the way, we are going to have a helpless baby to take care of 24-7. Gulp.  I thought we were just getting a "kid." And later a teenager? Yikes.  So we've been attending some classes. Class 1 of 4 on birthing, and a breastfeeding class. I wonder how many people would be less likely to rush to get pregnant if they made people attend these classes as pre-requisites to getting pregnant...Eeks. Can you tell I'm a little nervous about things? I think I'll feel better when we're in the thick of it all and caring for the little guy (and all the educational horror stories are less likely to come true.)

Here's our fake baby for training class. Wearing stripes OF COURSE. 
 Here's what our nursery looks like right now. Not shown is a nasty 5 year old $15 IKEA rug that needs to be replaced and some other items that need new homes in other places of our house. Then to figure out what kind of furniture works best for all of these items. Honestly, I'd rather only keep 3 months of clothes or so out a time, I'm not looking for a full bedroom set, more like -- how FEW amount of things can we own/have out that we need at a time???  I've got the clothes semi-divided by tubs, a "diapers, burps, and boobs" tub, a toy tub, "blankets and bath time" tub so far. I love these tubs from Costco.  But I know we will get several more items and need more storage, I just need to figure out how to best use our closet to maximize space.  Nesting at its finest!  Obviously whatever "stage" of clothes we are in at a given time isn't going to stay in the tub - probably go into baskets on the changing table or one of those hanging shelf sets in the closet...just need to decide how to deal with it all.  Anyone have some advice on staying minimal???


jess said...

Yeah that whole "actual baby" part is kind of freaking me out too. Nice cabbages, by the way. ;)

Emily said...

The only thing I have to say about baby "stuff" is that you don't really need any of it. You don't even really need a lot of clothes, it just depends on how much laundry you want to do. I'd say diapers, wipes, a bed, carseat, stroller/baby carrier, and breastfeeding stuff is a good start. Everything else you can get after he gets here.

You don't look big to me, upstairs or down. You look pretty stinking cute!