Monday, June 17, 2013


Ok already-moms, what was your hospital experience like?  Because after all these classes, I'm getting an idea of what ours will be like. Kaiser has a "room-in" policy with their babies - meaning after your baby is born, s/he is NEVER sent to the nursery except for a blood test and circumcision. You mean that a trained nurse isn't going to watch my baby while I sleep off the delivery? I'm in charge of this guy right away with no break? Gulp.  I've never heard of a hospital doing this, but they claim it is very "baby friendly" and encourages bonding and more breastfeeding opportunities.  So, there you have it.

Its crazy to me how fast this baby changes weekly. Just at the beginning of the month I was talking to some other pregos around my stage and none of us felt many cases of the hiccups (I think I had felt them once and that was the most.) Since then...hiccups a lot. Guess Lil'Guy just needed to run out of room first.  Secondly, I can now tell by pushing on my belly which spot his head is in - because - that spot is really hard!!!  Before everything was just squishy. I cannot imagine what this is going to be like in another 8 weeks. YIKES!


Paige said...

Our hospital just changed to a "room in" policy for #3 and I actually liked it much more. Always a nurse on call if you need help. You are going to be an awesome mommy! Babes are generally really sleepy the first 24 hours, so take advantage and sleep when you can. :)

Emily said...

In my experience and talking with most other moms, the baby stays in the room with you. You can ask the nursery to take the baby for a bit if you want. I did this with both girls, but honestly, there was so much adrenaline pumping through me that I wasn't able to sleep very well for a long time. It's all going to be fine. Just try to let go of some expectations and go for the ride. I love you!