Friday, June 21, 2013

Weddings, cankles, and recliners

In May, Zach and I spent some time in the Bay Area for a good friend's wedding. There were a bunch of other preggos there, including two couples that were in our bible study before we moved. We are all having boys with a month of each other (give or take...). Actually everyone else at the wedding that was also pregnant (at least 3 others) were having boys too. I actually don't know anyone having a girl right now!!!!!! So here are some pics plus I want to send this post to these gals so they can see the pics too. 

Check out my whitey-white legs and cankles in this pic. Sexy, I know. But I'm working on the white part and avoiding salt on the cankle part...

I had forgotten that one of my best friends, Sarah, and her husband were also attending the wedding. I looked down from the balcony (I was doing slides for the music) and saw them arrive...what a great surprise! Sarah just got back from Mexico where she tanned the whole time and she lives near a beach, so don't judge me again on my paleness. (I work in IT...pale is normal, right?)

Last but not least, did I already post this pic? I have such a terrible memory these days. We got this lazy boy on Craigslist and it desparately needs a cover, preferably one with pockets in the sides so I can stash water, snacks, iPad, nursing stuff etc.  apparently I'm going to be tackling that project soon, but I'm not expecting it to turn out very well. I might google for a store bought one first!!! The fabric is so faded...except for that semicircle on top...I imagine a grandmotherly doily must have been laying there or something! Anyone have any major skills in the furniture slipcover department??????

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Emily said...

Christy, pale skin is healthy skin. Seriously, you'll be so glad when you're 40 and don't have wrinkles.

That baby is riding high! Good for your bladder, bad for your stomach?