Thursday, July 18, 2013

Beat the Heat

What...still no baby bump picture? I guess I haven't liked what I was wearing lately. Soon, I promise!
It has been plenty hot here in SoCal lately. Phew! When we moved last August it was hot - but at night we at least opened the windows and let the cool air in.  There were several nights in a row where we even ran the AC at night because it was so hot.  Yuck.

Even swimming at the pool is like doing laps in bath water. NOT refreshing!

Our car seat is kicking our bums. I mean, the base is. Zach got it in...and he's so muscular and all, that it is so tight (and we need to adjust it) that we can't remove it. Fun times.  We are trying again tomorrow (or maybe in a few days.) Luckily we should have a couple more weeks to figure it out.

Ok...well, I am still alive, with many burning blog topics always on my mind, just not when I'm sitting here available at the computer.

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Emily said...

Gurl, I'm so over the heat! I always try to remember that it's just temporary, but when I'm in the middle it's hard to get perspective. Much like different phases of motherhood.... :)