Friday, July 12, 2013

Hello Nebraska!

Last week we went to Seward, Nebraska for a family reunion. Seward is Nebraska's "4th of July Town" or something like that, meaning they do a HUGE 4th of July (their 17k population is inundated with 40k tourists.) It was a special time to visit and since we had family in the area, they took good care of us and clued us into all the special spots.

We had a small family baby shower - my cousin crocheted me this blanket. I freaking LOVE IT!!! Who wouldn't? Its awesome. I want it for myself.

One of many obligatory "family" pics. This is all of us from my Gram's side. (Mental note to preggos: Do not pose seated for pictures past the 6th month.)

Here are the original siblings/spouses, minus our beloved Uncle Lee.

This "band" was called the Clefs and they performed in the Civic Center on the 4th.  I love the man playing the tuba. He also sang. They were adorable. We ate delicious pie while listening to them.

Seward is a really special place to spend the 4th. We enjoyed the market, pie eating contest, fireworks, air show, and general small town feel.  I also got to enjoy the maternity section of clothes at one of the thrift/consignment stores! Its really tough to find maternity clothes inexpensively, so that was pretty cool.  If you ever want to go somewhere for the 4th, I recommend Seward!

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Emily said...

You were in my neck of the woods! That crocheted blanket is insane. She is seriously talented.