Thursday, July 25, 2013

What's the Haps: 36 Weeks Today!

I'm 36 weeks today, but all these pictures are a week old. Oops.

While in Nebraska, being a dutiful Husker great-great alumni, we got a little 3 mo romper for the little guy.  I also got a 12mo t-shirt for next summer. Go Huskers!

We've got our car seat and Zach has installed it (just to uninstall it and correct some stuff) and we ran some practice rounds with Mickey.  The button to release the seat belt is a bit stiff and also I could barely properly get the carseat out of the car...probably need to practice that a bit more before there is a real (and heavy) baby in there!  (Side Note: Mickey has also been the recipient of Moby Wrap practice AND diaper changing demonstrations!)

Here'st he 35 week shot. Complete with toothbrush.
 And lastly...guilty purchase - shoes for a child that won't even walk in them. Still, this is 6-12 month size so he will be cruising at that age and I've heard a lot of good things about these shoes. And, hey, they are stinking cute because they look like sneakers. And they are red. And I love them. The end!


Emily said...

Huskers?! I'm going to have to send some Shocker gear...

Paige said...

Those shoes are great at keeping socks on cold feet...he may not walk in them but they will be we'll used! :) plus they are super cute!