Friday, October 4, 2013

6 weeks!

My, how time flies. I've been dreading this week - fussy baby and big growth spurt.  The fussiness actually started LAST week until we realized part of it was that our ittby bitty baby boy has grown out of being held "all" the time.  He wanted to lay down and kick on his play mat! Awesome. Of course this doesn't last for ages or anything, but long enough to get to the bathroom and maybe make a lunch.  Often around dinnertime I find that my lunch is still in the microwave and its been nuked 2-3 times then I forget about it or have to feed *someone.*

The growth spurt hit this week with crazy amounts of eating every afternoon. But he slept a lot better every morning for it, so for that I am glad.

Still doesn't sleep well during the daytime in his bed, but yesterday he gave us a blessed hour and I napped to. I resorted to something I said I would never do. "I'm not going to warm up his bottles, unless I have to. I'm not going to get a wipes warmer, unless I have to. I'm not going to put his blanket in the dryer unless I have to."  Well, I've caved on #1 and #3.  The warmer blanket worked yesterday (who knows if that was actually it?) and again this be fair, it was kind of cold! I just got him asleep again and tried putting him down...6 minutes ago. The fact that he is still asleep is a good sign.  I had to hug him until he was all the way down in his basket (which is on the floor of the living room where he "lives" right now.)  Not an attractive picture, Mommy bending over the basket with her hiney in the air making sure the first couple thrashes that occur when we put him down were soothed.

But it worked, so thats one step closer.

And onto more fun things.

Squirmy Worm for sure here. I was trying to get a picture of how gigantic 3mo pants were on him. The waist was huge! He is doing his favorite activity - kicking. (Practiced that a lot in the womb, too.)

So I got to buy some more clothes since I only had the 1 pair of 3m sized pants. These have little shoes as the feet. So adorable. Of course trying to photograph a kicking baby...not easy. At least he isn't laying in his own spitup for this picture. Victory.

Here is another new development. Sad face / bottom lip. He does this right before he sad-cries.  This is the best I could get, since he only does it once or twice before the full on bawling begins.

This is my second favorite discovery of baby items (after Aden and Anais swaddle blankets.) These are called "Sock Ons" and they...keep socks on. (Or in this case, they keep feet in the footie section of pajamas.  They wouldn't stop a determined baby from taking them off themselves, but the do prevent the common slippage of socks. Big fan. New shower gift for everyone!

S'more Rolls
Ok, if you made it this far, you've got to make these S'more rolls. So easy, a mother of a newborn can do it. 1) Crescent rolls 2) Chocolate chips - 5-10 in each one. 3) Marshmallows - 5-8 minis or a big one  4) Cook per normal directions. (Do not burn!)  These taste a-maz-ing.  They are wonderful right out of the oven but if you can't serve them for a few more hours, they are still fine. And if you were given a bunch for dessert and you put the few that were left in a plastic bag until the next day, they are still perfect for breakfast. TRY IT.


Unknown said...

Sock -ons----so funny.

those croissant things look great. Can't wait to try one.

Unknown said...

That was me--auntie Pam

not unknown.

choc chip my favorite

Baby J---the cutest!!!

jess said...

I got sock ons at my shower. Everyone raves over them. :)

Emily said...

Your little guy reminds me of my babies. Super small (Ruby) and not an easy sleeper (Maia). Chocolate and marshmallows for the win!

anna said...

I've never heard of those sock thingys. Then again Jack has the world's largest feet so maybe socks stay on him just fine. :) He was in 6-12 month socks when he was 2 months old. HA! :) Love your cutey tiny baby.