Wednesday, October 30, 2013

10 weeks (2 months!)

If I wait any longer to post, I'm going to have way too many pictures.  I've got to remember what has been happening lately so I can put it in some sort of scrapbook later!
Last week we were in Sacramento for a family baby shower. John was loved and adored and held by all. And my sister and I did some shopping, including finding this costume, which we actually ended up giving to someone else...but I coudln't resist a picture.

Here we are at 2 months on the mat...wearing 0-3m clothes still (although in the 9 days since I took that picture, we've retired that outfit!)

More 2 mo pictures. So smiley! And check out that giant tummy. Odd on a kid who is only 4th percentile.
 Not sure what to think about the pumpkins

Daddy tries to help get some smiles - but not sure what is going on in this pic!

John met a cousin on Sunday - further cementing in my mind that he isn't "small" anymore, because he looks like a giant in this picture! He didn't know what to do in this pic so he just held that pose while his cousin kicked (and screamed) and gave us all sorts of poses.

Road trippin' boy (No these did not stay on for long)

The beginning of a 2 hour nap un-assisted! We have ourselves a sometimes side sleeper. Mostly all other naps that long are being held.  I've given up on sleep training specifically, with the primary goal of 1) Getting my kid over 10 pounds, preferably 12 before trying again and 2) figuring out if there is any pattern to his sleep, when he is able to get it.  We've started putting him down on his side for naps and he can go 45 minutes.  Thats about the best we've gotten so far. (The boppy pillow was better!)
John is also talking a TON - mostly when he is upset - but making a lot of letter noises - G, M, N, D. He can sometimes put a couple letters together like "a-goo" but still mostly when annoyed.  He is very quiet when happy, just huge smiles.

I am back to work this week, yikes, a pumping machine and trying to make a new work/life balance happen. More updates to come on that.  I am exhausted from the travel and infection and who knows what else...oh yeah, only 5 hours of sleep per night.Well, more pictures to come with our actual Halloween costume(s) and anything else new that happens this week...


Emily said...

no such thing as too many pictures! he's is adorable and you're doing a great job. I'll be thinking of you as you head back to work. Be kind to yourself and your hubby as you figure out the transition.

Christal Moore said...

Back to work already? Jeez time flies! So glad we got to meet John last month!

Sandy said...

I always thought the same thing, get stuff down on the blog and I could scrapbook or something later. But I have found that I put all the stories and pics in the blog and I love that. There is a website that can print your blog into a book. I do it at the beginning of each year and I have these awesome baby books for my kids. :) Just google blog2print

jess said...

funny, they look much closer in size here than I remember. I have a feeling that their new cousin is going to dwarf them both in a month.