Monday, October 6, 2008

Day 1: arrival in Galveston

Um, wow. I had a running list of topics to write about based on my drive to Galveston but they are kinda blown away in comparison to actually being here.

So, not even 7 days ago, I complained that a stranger was babbling to me in Starbucks (10/1 blog "Stranger Danger part 1). Well, today to stay alert on my drive...I followed his advice and ate sunflower seeds. Which in fact are a huge pain to eat and crunch, but I found it pretty hilarious that I would end up embracing his advice. Taking Katies advice, I am trying to remember that every encounter with a stranger is an opportunity to show them Christ. So I was at Dairy Queen (too hot to resist a blizzard) when I thought the waitstaff was super friendly. Then on the counter...a stack of Daily Bread devotionals. Nice. I snagged one.

So, I thought it was flabbergasting when I saw a boat, a decently lkarge one, like bigger than a ski boat, chilling by the side of the freeway as I became increasingly closer to Galveston. That was until I saw, no joke, at least 5 of them in a row against a highway cement thing a couple miles. I really hope I can get a photo tomorrow. My camera was packed and it was getting too dark.

I'm not sure what the length restrictions are for this type of blog (I'm emailing it from my blackberry) so I will finish the next part in a second email. ... And then I will be smart and email the second email first so hopefully you, my faithful reader and prayer warrior, can read in sequence. Oh and please, feel free to leave comments even if you don't get an account because they will go to my email.

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