Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thursday and important survey!

Here is the survey: could you, or could you not, sleep in a builfding where a dead man is resting in the embalming room. I will tell you my answer: I guess - could (or will have to) along with about 20 other new friends. Puh-leeze leave a comment on here and tell me if you can handle that.

Back to seriousness:

God and I had some great negotiating today. I had been dying to tape the newly constructed walls we put up, but I couldn't remember how. So basically today I started anyhow and 2 ppl showed me what to do then - got about 3 other people to help me. An hour later a professional showed up and improved on our technique. Nonetheless, God let me work in the arena I wanted to work.

After lunch was paybacks. I was assigned to pray with cars who were entering the food distribution line. Me. The one with a stranger phobia, amongst many other problems. :) However, I accepted the challenge and...discovered...I really liked it. Well, I mean it was a great growth opportunity for me and - really valued my 1-2 minute conversations I had with the people in line. Out of the 140 or so cars I hit, very few declined prayer (although I did pracice my spanish several times! "Vamos a orar"). I laughed partway through about how I eas enjoying (shockingly) being an extrovert. 4 hours was a long time though and the last 2 were brutal but another staffer was working with me and we didn't really have the option to quit since the line never stopped.

In other news, 8 more volunteers have arrived, 7 of them that run an adventure/sports camp outside of Austin. We bonded easily over some cutthroat Phase 10 and I am glad to have some volunteers my age.

Ok. I've been typing for a long time now. I miss everyone, am laughing at all the comments, and going inside now for evening debrief.


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The Joe said...

what you're doing and have been praying for you.

And yes, I'd like to think I could sleep in a room with a dead dude.

Most likely just so I could say, "Once, I slept in a room with a dead dude".

Anonymous said...

We are thinking and praying for you, here in FO. How is the weather...a little balmy? Do you think you could save a little energy for when you come home next time?:)

Melissa said...

just a little note to show support. too tired to think, but appreciate you keeping your blog up to date!

Christal said...

i could sleep anywhere if I was working as hard as you and was tired. missing you and praying lots!

jessica said...

I could also prob eventually sleep if I was tired enough, but I would very much have on my mind that there was a dead dude in the next room. I guess if I knew who he was or what kind of life he had lived it would be a little less creepy/just weird.

Good to hear that you got to do some good ol' workin' with your hands....also that God stretched you in conversing with many different people. That might have been more tiring. Yay for taking what god throws your way and trying your best to make it work!
Glad you got some more people there to relate to. Miss you lots. Wish I was seeing you soon. Stupid music thing! I am so needing to stop this comment now.

Anonymous said...

"Have you ever, or would you be willing to sleep with a dead dude?" I have no comment on either my willingness or history of sleeping with dead people. I believe my sleeping habits with the dead are my private business :P
Happy that you are getting the best out of the challenging experiences.

Steve said...

So thrilled to hear all that you're doing! And thrilled that you're stepping out and taking chances in talking with people. Go Christy Go! Grow Christy Grow! :)

Katie Lady said...

Since dead guys don't cry, whine or melt down I think I could sleep anywhere I'm comfortable these days, as it's hard to come by without any interruptions. Proud of you, darlin'. You never know who God might put in your path on these "excursions" out of you circle of comfort. still reading Hybells?