Monday, October 6, 2008

Day 1, part 2

Ok so arrival in downtown Galveston was shocking. I mean mouth gaping. I saw entire buildings collapsed. That's all I can really say except I am getting out there tomorrow with my camera and also camera phone and Christal has promised that if I text her some pics she will post them to her blog, or, maybe I will give her my password. :)

So I'm staying in a funeral home. Yep, if you want to know what an embalming room looks like...I am now an experienced source of information. Luckily we are sleeping in some other rooms. The boys are sleeping with (empty) caskets.

There is some sort of "masters" program (the students seem much younger) or college replacement/ministry thing where a team of people are running the place.

Tomorrow we are doing food distribution as they are still gathering resources and teams to do demolition. I should be meeting the other AIM volunteers and staff tomorrow, so I don't know if I will be hanging with them or if we are blending into this student team. Time will tell!

Thanks again for your prayers...I'm praying that I will be useful tomorrow and that assignments and stuff start to fall into place. The main leaders are down at the beach (evening debrief, sorta) so I probably won't meet the rest of the gang til breakfast.

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Christal said...

praying for you. love you.