Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Day 2

Well, its only 5:17 right now, but I think the main effort for the day is nearly done.

Most of the team of college students and I spent the morning continuing the gutting and rebuilding of the funeral home we are in. Since the owner has given us most of the area for a year, we are working to finish a few of the rooms asap so ge can continue to run his business from the space he is keeping.

I heart work gloves. It is truly amazing how much of a difference they make.

This afternoon we spent 4 hours distributing food to locals who drove past in their cars. They ranged in social class and kindness. Most were very grateful although some were manipulative. We probably had...500 empty boxes until a dump truck came by and we crushed all of them. I was amazed. Talk about provision!

I expect to be sore tomorrow but luckily we are getting additional day volunteers tomorrow. thankfully, the students here are a fun team, we are just lacking a bit of organization/experience at times.

I think that's all for today...

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Anonymous said...

Hey Christy, these updates are great! We can get these imported into facebook pretty easily. I can also import them into my facebook for you and tell people they are from you. Maybe it is too much, but just wanted you to know your options. I also heart work gloves and your updates.
ryan o

Katie Lady said...

Sounds like you are a busy bee...wouldn't expect anything else. praying for your strength and willingness to be "pulled" out of your comfort zone one more time. xox