Sunday, October 23, 2011


Ok, this subject line is a bit of a joke. I know my most frequent readers are wondering - where did all the couponing posts go?  For one, I deleted a lot of the old ones.  Two, I am not really actively couponing at this time. (I know! But how many free toothpastes do I need to get?)  Three, I am already Christmas shopping, including being open to sales and coupon opportunities, so I'm not promising I won't post about them in the future. 

However, I still monitor a few of my favorite sites.  The first and primary one is This is a paid subscription, but very cheap for online-only. Already I have saved probably around $40 at Snapfish in the last 2 months with deals from this site, so that pays for about 5 years or something of online subscriptions. There is a a chat board where wonderful people have answered all my questions about things, and I've traded coupons with folks on there as well.

A second one I will browse from my phone is Collin runs a great site with tons of tips, readers, and information. To be honestly, it is a little overwhelming for me sometimes - the amount of content posted regularly - which is why I scan it for the most recent hottest deals but still use the first link for specific weekly deals at Walgreens, CVS, RiteAid and more. 

A third one I like because I first learned to coupon at Walgreens, is,  When this site was new, it had great Walgreens deals. Now the woman that runs it posts a lot of other non-Walgreens deals, but I still like her write-ups and shopping scenarios for each week.  I would love if an equivalent site for CVS and Rite Aid existed, but they don't. I've toyed with the idea of starting one, but its easily a full time job to run a full-fledged reputable coupon site.  (Although no doubt moneymaking!)

Last but not least, when I think I'm going to buy something online, I got through ebates first. When I first signed up, I got a $10 bonus gift card when I went over $25 in purchases.  They have anywhere from 3%, sometimes up to 20% money back (paid cash to you, quarterly) on online purchases. Amazon isn't included, but Best Buy, Office stores, tons of stuff, I even saw cricut cartridges linked on there.  If you're going to shop online for Christmas, you might want to consider ebates! (PS Click on my referral link and I get $5 when you sign up/qualify. No pressure, but, that is my coffee money and you KNOW I am cranky without my coffee.)

Anyhow, now you can sort out your own deals!!

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