Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Food, but not about cooking

The other day I was at a friends' house for an impromptu dinner while our husbands played video games. Turns out, this family has an apple tree in their backyard, so the other wife and I decided to try our hand at shrunken heads this year.  I'm not big on Halloween in general, but this is part decorating, part craft, part food, and I really wanted to try it.   We were inspired by ourbestbites.com, because, lets face it, I get all my ideas from that site.
 Above are Krista's apples. Sorry for the bad quality DROID picture.
Above is my FrankenApple attempt. Well, Frank's hair is spiky and this is more like bangs, so, maybe notsomuch. 
Another side view.

One of mine (again, above) where I tried to give him/her a chin.
I'm not sure I exaggerated all the features enough for them to turn out, but so far I've been treating them to 20 minutes at 100 degrees in the oven every day and then a nice rest in there as the oven cools off.  I will post some updates soon!

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Katie Lady said...

Why didn't you show me hands-on how to do this while you were here?? I, too, have sooo many extra apples, literally laying around (the trunks of my trees, that is!) More info, please! I want to see how they turn out, so we know if we should add them next year!