Sunday, October 30, 2011

When did I start liking pie?

Ok. First of all, check out this super awesome sign. Seen at Apple Hill. For those of you with terrible eyes, it says "NOT A THROUGH ROAD." Below that, a man-made sign, says "YOUR GPS IS WRONG."
Anyhow, that sign just cracked us up. The lack of apples at Apple Hill, not so funny. Boo, weather.
Not that something like a lack of apples could REALLY keep Zach from getting some pie. So I made pie pops (future post, just realized I didn't write about that yet).
So we had some extra pie crust left after the pie pops, so I made Zach a personal pie in one of our Ramakins (THANK YOU MELISSA!) and then applied my fancy lattice-making (just learned) skills to the top.  I'm really not that amazing or anything, I learned it at They should sponsor me for all the references I make to their blog!  So seriously, my first pies were a homemade crust, which was totally flaky. Since making thist first one, my mom told me to substitute half the water for vodka, which dries up during baking to aid in the flakiness.

This particular variety is strawberry apple, dreamt up and mixed by Mr. D himself. Also consumed by him. And loved by him.  I have since made more apple pie creations and developed a love for it myself. More posts on that to come. Apples and apples and more apples.


Mama Mote said...

Love that sign. I love when the GPS sends me the wrong way. NOT!!! We were looking for an IHOP and it took us to one - that had closed several years ago. Then there's a road I turn on to get to a doctor, but it's blocked off by a barrier. Thanks a lot, GPS!!! haha Now I want apple pie. mmmmm

Allison Brown said...

Looks yummy! When did you guys go to Apple Hill? We were just there on Friday. I love it there!

Katie Lady said...

Wood Hollow Farms still has LOTS of apples, so when you want pie--come on down!! In the meantime, next time you lattice, try making them a bit skinnier and twisting them once or twice, kind of like crepe paper. Totally cool end result. Wish you lived closer so we could can and bake together. Maybe next apple season...