Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Last days of Summer

Hey! So as it turns out, I am capable of posting about non-food, non-decor.  Zach and I recently got bicycles as a late wedding gift.  They are AWESOME!  After a minor blowout / trip to get a new tire tube / why the heck does a new bike have a flat tire / incident, we were on our way.
We have a bike trail not far from our house going to Shoreline, which is beautiful!!!  Unfortunately, I only have some ride pictures, not the lake.  Now that it is all rainy, I'm not sure when I'll be able to get more pictures, but I'll certainly try!
 Oh yeah! Sexy helmets, yeah?  And below, we bike too slow for our friend Cris so he rollerblades along side.  His wife, Anna, pulls him up and over this partiuclarly bumpy bridge.
 Here I was taking pictures over my shoulder while trying not to fall off my bike. 
Yay for getting a little exercise!

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