Thursday, October 20, 2011

Food in the UK: Toast Toppers

Hi again. Yes, I am posting about food again. You're welcome, because this post is not about coupons! And if you have taken a look at the re-tagging / labelling I have worked to do on this blog you will be happy to see that there are zero to very few couponing posts remaining, since they bored you all so much.  Warning though, if I have to enter a contest or something, one or two might re-appear. However, with work being so busy and travelling a LOT, I have taken a break on couponing. (Also, I have enough free toothpaste for a year.)
On my last trip to Scotland, I spent my evenings wandering the aisles of Asda (Wal-Mart) and Morrison's, a grocery store.  I was looking for anything interesting or new, or something that might be fun for cooking with that I wouldn't be able to get in the states.
That is when I noticed these gems: Toast Toppers.  The instructions say these bad boys hold enough "toast topper" for 2 slices of toast.  These cans are not small.  I'd say maybe 2/3 of a tomato paste can. The flavors are "Ham and Cheese" and "Mushroom and Bacon."  In the store, I was shocked and awed. While typing this, I am sick to my stomach! I mean that is a SERIOUS amount of toast spread per slice.  Of course I bought one to experiment with, or to save as a white elephant gift.
 Also, this amazing chair sits in a snobby little caviar shop at the London Heathrow airport. I think it is beautiful!!!
 And a little more about the English and their love of toast. Shown below is a holiday gift pack - shortbread cookies, jam, and a toast rack.  A toast rack was a new concept to me my first trip over, but its that white thing that looks like a multi-napkin holder.  Apparently, this allows your toast to cool - individually - without stacking the slices and getting soggy toast. 
I don't really need one of these, because at my house, toast goes from the toaster, to a paper towel, to underneath some cinnamon sugar, and directly into my mouth. No time to cool. No time to get soggy.
Would you use a toast rack, if you had one?

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