Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pie Pops: Bite sized treats!

So, previously I promised a post about the pie pops. I made these for a pot-luck, where I wanted our dessert contribution (since most people were bringing desserts) to be bite sized and easy to handle.  Enter: Best Bites creations here.  I always think "small" desserts are "easy" and realize half way (or several hours in) that I AM TOTALLY WRONG.  Anyhow.
 I missed pictures of the creation part (pie crust making, apple shredding, etc) but I do have the finished product...at least the ones that didn't get "taste tested" by Zach and I prior to the pot-luck.
 Also an oversight with the "easy dessert" concept is how messy my kitchen looks. I actually take a lot of pictures like this, when I get caught up in one (or 4) cooking projects and I totally destroy my kitchen. Usually I just delete them, but not today (LUCKY DUCKS!). 
Have you been baking anything extra tasty lately?

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Katie Lady said...

one this missing from your kitchen that is always in mine this time of year--FLOUR all over the floor!!!