Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Crafting with Garage Sale Treasures.

Recently I went to Michael's and wandered around for some inspiration.
Cool mirror, $89, I have a similar one in mind as a craft that should only cost $15.

I love snowmen, and bells. Couldn't resist photographing this ornament so I can try a re-make at home.

What's this? Another bell craft? And I have those exact bells (silver) at home!
 Enter: Garage saling with a favorite friend.  Yielded: One garlic press, one set of flexible flashy bracelets, and...
 and...$.50...A BELL!!!  I can't wait to try that 2nd idea with this guy. (And its huge!)
 And I got these beaded treasures for $1.  I know I mentioned that in my last post. Even if I don't use the beads, I think the jewelry parts are definitely worth $1.
So, with my bell ornament (soon to be, I hope) I'm going to have a problem. I already have enough ornaments to FILL my Christmas tree. (Thanks, Mom!) What will I do with this one? Gasp - get rid of an old one? Maybe incorporate some into my yet-to-be-designed mantle? Hm...any ideas?

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