Friday, November 4, 2011

Homemade: Fall Burlap Wreath

Hi Gang. Wow am I behind on post topics! This lovely wreath has already been on the door nearly a month.  The previous door hanging, my flag book was inspired by a fellow Christy, but who lives in Texas and has a far more consistent (nearly famous!) blog. Seriously. Go read it for a while then really need to make fancy cupcakes and make a tu-tu.  Christy (the cooler one) posts pretty much every day so I love reading all her stuff.

Burlap is nothing new to the Cooler Christy, but it (and wreath making) was pretty new to me.  Being a newbie, I bought the smallest possible wreath at the store and then Zach (true love here) went with me to JoAnn's to get burlap. (Then I went with him to best buy to but something to enable a new video game. Craft Store / Video Game - I guess we are even then...and sooooo obviously not parents!!)

Anyhow. I was feeling lazy (i.e., didn't want to burn myself with the hot glue gun) so I decided to give the stapler a go.  I cut some strips and successfully got burlap fuzz all over my pants and shirt.
 I folded the burlap strips in half for more wrapped flair and stapled a bit on the back as I went along. Note the bandaid? Yeah...great thing about sharp knives, is, they are great at slicing things. The downside to sharp knives take a guess.
 Wow...I did not realize it would be nearly so....messy with the threads.  A couple snips and that was solved.
 Then I took a lok at my fall pretties. Mostly from dollar section of Michaels.  I wasn't sure how I was going to attach the flowers, so I tried some stiff felt, trimmed, and stapled my treasures to that.
 Then I stapled the felt to the wreath.  It worked well enough, with a lot of stapling, that I did not get up and go get the hot glue gun.  But if you come to my house, just don't look TOO hard at it, ok?
 Then, (2nd half of above pic) I tried to tie a bow. Not that it needed a bow, but I tied a PERFECT ONE (in my opinion.) Downside? Completely upside down. I'm certainly no Martha Stewart in the bow department.

 Here is a collage of the final product. Sorry its so small. You can't see all the staples in the back like I thought might show in the picture.  I would have preferred to put the top yellow flower a little more on the front of the wreath, but my patience with the stapler was dwindling.  And the best part? When Christmas comes, I can pull off the fall pieces and re-use the burlap and/or just the wreath!

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