Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hotel Room Crafts: Above and Beyond

I thought it was about time we had yet another hotel room crafting post. I planned a bit for this one, by bringing my sewing kit, a small bag of buttons, and some card stock. My plan was to sew some Christmas cards based on a Real Simple inspiration last year.
 But, I garage saled en route to Texas, and scored these beady treasures for $1.
 THEN...I got a late birthday present.
 Be.Still.My.Heart. A CRICUT! Ohmygoodness.  So much crafting at my fingertips now. (I can't wait to make one of these.)
 So, I I crammed my new treasure into my suitcase and hauled this puppy to Texas. Monday night I fired it up. Here are the results of my (very scared) first attempt:
 I was warned that the first several uses of a new mat are VERY sticky. Note the condition of my removed "1st cut" pieces. (No scraper yet, saving that for the Christmas list). The pile of scraps on the top right is the flower. That guy didn't make it at all.
 After this I took a second piece of paper and just pressed it onto the mat and pulled it off several times. Still big on the stickiness factor.
Then I (slightly less scared) tried my second set of cuts.  As you can see, they removed a lot better.
I'm so excited to have this! Thank you so much! And I'll never reach this level of quality in my "hotel craft" series again!! 
Next free night in my hotel room and I'll work on those stiched cards, though, so stay tuned!

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