Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hotel Room Crafts: Sewing Christmas tags by hand

Time to post the results of my newest hotel crafting attempt! After the First Great Cricut Experiment, I wanted to finish up this idea since I had been carrying around. 
Prior to this business trip, I spent about 30 seconds rummaging for my sewing kit, any cropped paper I could quickly find, and some buttons.  

I decided on some snowmen and a Christmas tree. I just cannot resist snowmen. To make my paper-sewing easier, I used this pin (randomly in my sewing kit) and some stiffened felt (also randomly in there, holding the pin) to punch some holes in the paper.
Here's how my little man turned out. I couldn't resist trying to add a carrot nose with the orange thread. Then I couldn't resist adding brown stick arms.  When I get home, I MIGHT glue a little scarf on these guys, or a felt hat, or black sharpie eyes...we'll see. I think I will be gluing these to stiffened felt to act as a gift tag, decoration, or ornament...not sure yet.
I didn't have a pair of scissors with me (hello, using nail clippers to cut thread!) but I thought the torn paper look would work for this.
I rummaged around in my button bag and found the big brown one for a tree stump, so I decided to add a bit more decor to the tree as well.  I actually ended up liking these so much I don't want to give them away (to people who will just throw them in the trash. People who would use it as an ornament or something are welcome recipients.)
Here's the final tally.  I didn't feel like making my last snowman, but those 3 buttons are blue-ish and will be very cute.  These took me around an hour (?) from start to finish, including an interruption from the maintenance man who was not as concerned with the giant wet spot on my carpet as I was. Oh well.
any other ideas of what I could use these for?  When I have a few more colors of paper, I was thinking I could to some torn-paper holly (with red buttons) but I'd like a fourth idea so I can display them as a panel or something...please help!!!! :)


jess said...

Nice! How about a bell shape? I have a little present for you. It's waiting with Poppi's book for the next time you guys visit or I'm in your neck of the woods.

Katie Lady said...

How about round ornaments? I have some ADORABLE green buttons you can use. If I get a moment, I'll try one and blog/send it to you.

Nicely done. Did you come up with this idea all by your creative little self??

Christy said...

I love it! A bell and an ornament!! So awesome! These are great because I really couldn't figure out how to incorporate a manger. Maybe a star, though.

Katie, I *think* I came up with it on my own - although the button snowman can't be original, but the tearing of the Christams tree was inspired by a 2nd grade school project back in 1987 (no joke!).