Monday, November 21, 2011

Last Ode to Fall

I know, I know - I am finally getting around to the fall blog topics. So I was lazy about uploading my camera pictures! One look at these gorgeous pumpkins and you'll hopefully forgive me.

Zach and I spent a Saturday afternoon in Half Moon Bay. First stop: Farmer John's pumpkin patch.
 I love all the varieties in shape and color they had there.
 Are these squashes? Next year I need to study up a bit more and figure out which of these things I can cook after I use them to decorate.
 More awesome pumpkins. Love the white one on the left. Actually all of them in this picture!
 Here are bunch of mixed breed (?) pumpkins. Kind of cool, in a scientific way. Not what I was looking for today though.
 We weren't doing jack-o-lanterns, but I couldn't get over how gigantic these pumpkins were.
 A couples picture because we have a grand total of 4 of these since getting 1,000 taken on our wedding day...
And lastly...where the pumpkins ended up! On the mantle.
Did you decorate with any pumpkins this year? Come on people...I know you all blog some pictures!!! :)

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