Wednesday, November 2, 2011

November Meal Planning

I think I’ve mentioned before that I try to plan our meals and shop at the beginning of each month. I’m going to try to post some of the meals so I have a little more accountability (and get some suggestions from you all!). Last week I finally made Enchilada Pie after it was on the monthly meal plan for around 4 months in a row.

This month I will be gone for a week or so, so I wanted to make sure I had some tasty, vegetable filled, meals in the freezer for Zach. So far I have 2 sausage/pasta mixes (one with red pesto, the other…I think a creamy sauce). Plus last night I made a huge vat of Chicken Tetrazzini so that is lunch today and a freezer meal! (I’ll post something else about that meal in detail, because it was oh, so, good.)

Also up this month are: tri-tip steaks with potatoes, creamy tomato soup (I plan to add some rice to it), Eggs and Noodles, pesto salmon, fried rice with pot stickers, tortilla soup, pizza, and of course our Monday regular – chicken strips and tater tots! I spent like a year (an hour) chopping and prepping veggies for easy side salads too. Yummmmmy!

Okay…so that is what we are eating…what are you eating? Any good fall recipes? Next month I am going to try and use my crock pot…that’ll be a first for me…I am nervous!

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