Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Looking back to October: I can (could) CAN!!

Warning: another post inspired by Our Best Bites. I am seriously going to have to start tagging them!
So, Zach has a thing for homemade McIntosh applesauce.  We tried to get some of these apples from Apple Hill, but they HAD NO APPLES! No joke! Anyhow, some friends with an overflowing apple tree saved the day.  Raw, their apples taste close to McIntoshes. 

So anyhow. Inspired to do some canning.  Wanting to use fresh applesauce during baking. Not having any room in my freezer.  Enter: interest in canning. (Also goes along well with my obsession with glass jars.)

So the Best Bites website did an intro to canning, making it not seem as scary (and life threatening) as I previously thought.  So I checked out a book at the library with some additional instructions and gave it a whirl.
sanitizing the jars

clean apples waiting to be peeled!


faithful helper!

making a mess with all the "stuff"

stockpot where jars are processing, small pot where lids are being warmed, and the cooking applesauce. Holy stove usage, Batman!

See my jar in there?

fearfully removing my jar...

First batch done!
Phew! Summary:  A little more work than I thought, but stressful because I wasn't familiar with the process.  Despite the work, though, I think the results are extremely satisfying. I'm happy with it! Next goal to can: pizza sauce!


jess said...

I've always been intimidated by canning too. Someday maybe.

Katie Lady said...

Mom and I did the same this fall with apple butter and apple sauce and I HAVE to say that is soooo much work for soooo little end result. But, we are enjoying the tasty results. Next year--maybe we "can" together! Chapman yet??? :)